Bobby Gocool 

Benefits Of Having A Financial Services Sale Director

There are points in almost everyone's life when a little bit of specialist advice is just what's needed - and never is this more true than when your business needs help. This could be for several reasons it could be that your company is facing problems, for example, rising sales could be causing problems with cash flow. Or perhaps you want to support in emerging from a particularly difficult time in the company's operations. Alternatively, you might be approaching a transaction of some kind - whether that be a merger or acquisition, or fundraising activity.

According to, Bobby Gocool financial directors fully understand the commercial importance of the financial service data put in front of them, they can look at the business objectively and work out where you should be channeling resources to get the maximum return. This will not only give the owner the confidence to make better decisions (and faster), but the expertise of a financial director is invaluable in presenting the facts and figures to the board - indeed, the same goes for presenting to the bank should fundraising be required, and the presence of an experienced financial director can reassure investors. Financial Service is not simply the gatekeeper of the purse strings, or, as some might think, a glorified management accountant or bookkeeper. Instead, he or she is a strategic financial expert who has the skills and experience to ensure the fulfillment of commercial objectives. Another myth is that a financial director has to be a permanent, full-time member of staff. This simply is not true and means that having access to the skills and expertise might not be as expensive as you may think. A financial director can be very cost-effective - or even save you money!

If you don't need support on this intensive basis and simply cannot justify the cost of a full-time all these skills and experience unsurprisingly come at a cost - why not consider a 'virtual financial director', or put more simply - a consultant financial director?

Working a set number of days for an agreed daily rate, top-flight can bring a wealth of specialized expertise to your boardroom table for a fee that you can afford. The best way to source one would be to speak to your accountant initially to see if they would be able to fulfill this role - after all, who knows your accounts better than your accountants? Remember, having a consultant means that the emphasis is on them to provide you with an excellent service, otherwise, you can easily replace them with one that performs better.

Bobby Gocool is the Business Sales Director at Primerica. He has a background in industry and commerce, having qualified in a large in the food industry. He has also owned a successful accounting practice for 10 years, making him ideally placed to help other company owners achieve success in running theirs.

Genuinely passionate about helping companies grow, he also specializes in developing and implementing successful strategies which improve long-term profitability and is an expert in cash flow forecasting and management accounting.